And so training begins again…

Five miles for Marathon training
My second run (five miles) during week one of training.

This week marked the beginning of my 18 week marathon training program for the New York City Marathon.  As I described a few weeks ago, I am running the streets of NYC on November 3 in support of Team for Kids (click on the TFK link if you would like to donate).

New York will be my fifth marathon.  Which is hard to believe.  It will also cap a year in which I completed two marathons and an ultra run.  As I keep telling people, there is nothing that you cannot achieve if you believe, have the right people around you and put in the work.

Marathon Training Building mileage

So, back to the training program.  This time I have decided to use Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Two Plan.  Last fall, I explained how I came across Higdon’s program.  I like the structure and pace of mileage build up plus it does have some forgiveness built in if you miss a run or two.  The Intermediate Two plans includes TWHSS runs and builds to three 20 mile training runs.

I choose this plan to challenge my distance training and perhaps add some speed along the way.  One of my 3 running goals for the year is to run a marathon under 5 hours.  I am thinking that the repetition of the longer distances will help me not lose pace over the last four miles.  This has been a fairly consistent problem for me.   I am also adjusting my run walk ratio.  I typically go with 3 minutes running: 1 minute walking.  For this training period, I will be trying to do 1/2 mile running: 1 minute walking (or 6/100 of a mile).

I have been feeling pretty optimistic about these changes but, of course, only time will tell.



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