Shiny objects

My second marathon training process was launched as I was doing some soul searching about motivation. I first started to think about running another 26.2 this past spring. I had gained back a lot of the weight that I had lost over the past few years and decided that I am one of those people that need a shiny object to run towards.

My son was finishing his first year away from home at Kent State. I think that his first year of college created a bit a void in our household. This goes beyond just missing have him around but more into purpose. We had spent the last 4 years plotting and planning with him about schools, grades, test scores, college visits etc.

The first few months were difficult but my wife and I grew accustomed to the quiet in the house. What I did struggle with was filling the mind space that had previously been full of college planning mania.

It took until the spring when I finally realized that I needed to throw myself into something for sanity’s sake. Running was the first thing that came to my mind. I had so thoroughly enjoyed the training for the Chicago Marathon in 2015 and how it made me feel so much more energy and happiness.

At first, I thought perhaps I should just run for exercise – well that did not last long. It was too easy to make excuses. Too easy not to get out of bed. Even in my early fifties, I knew that I needed external motivation and structure to spur me on. Thus the shiny object of marathon #2. With only four and half weeks left until the big day, I am so glad that I chose this journey.

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