Marathon training: savor moments

I was talking with my wife yesterday about my long run on Sunday. She was mentioning how I need to savor these accomplishments my marathon training (over some amazing meatloaf and mashed potatoes that she cooked and were just right for my refueling). She is right of course. I then realized Sunday was the 3rd longest run I have ever done in my life. While I was so busy charting my progress and crossing off training sessions.  I wasn’t taking the time to let the impact of each run sink in.  It is important to stop and appreciate these accomplishments we all make in our training and life.  My problem is I get so caught up with pace and the training program that the bigger picture slips away.

quote by running great David Torrence for marathon training

I have been trying to catch a few moments during each run to stop and look around.  My marathon training has primarily been on the Towpath Trail in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park (CVNP).  The Trail includes many incredible vistas and is a great break from running on the streets.  Here are Some details on the CVNP which is one of the true assets of our region.


Towpath Trail Fast Facts

     Voted 2015 “Best of Ohio” Bike Trail – by the readers of Ohio Magazine!
Canalway Miles:
85+ miles of Towpath Trail
Number of Trailheads: Over 50 Trailheads provide parking & Towpath Trail access
Starting at Harvard Ave. (N) to Canal Lands Park (S) 
     Trailhead/Towpath care: National Park, County Park Districts
Surface: Level, Mostly ADA Accessible
          North Cuyahoga County Section/Cleveland Metroparks: Paved
          National Park/Stark County: Level, Hard-Packed, Crushed Limestone
          Tuscarawas County Section: Earthen, Hard-Packed


I think this experience is one of the reasons why I am so excited about trying out trail running post-October 8.


marathon training on September 20 on the Towpath Trail in Ohio


Ran 5 Gooooood ones last night.  My pacing was a bit off and I ended up running a little faster than normal.  I don’t know if I was just in a hurry to finish since I am not really into after work runs during marathon training.  Felt pretty good though.  Listened to another DizRuns podcast which featured Ultra Runner Nora Bird.  It was a pretty inspirational talk.  Though I don’t think at my age I could handle training for a 100-mile race, I am just fascinated by the stories of those who take on this amazing challenge.   I had some concerns regarding cramping in my left hamstring that I experienced after my 20 mile run on Sunday.  Feels like that was nothing but a post-run cramp.

It is now only 18 days to Marathon The Sequel.  Hoping that I enjoy the taper and stay healthy over the next few weeks.  I think that this has been a very fun marathon training process this year.  My training for the first marathon was so consumed by stress about what to do/what not to do and am I injured or is that just soreness.  Sometimes I am surprised my wife and son didn’t move me out to the yard.

Looking forward to October 8 and whatever it brings.


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