Ready Set Ouch!

After taking my rest week after the Towpath Marathon, I dove right back into training.  With only three weeks between the marathon and my first trail race, I had to no time for much relaxing.  The weekend after the marathon I ran my first official trail run which was fantastic.  The day after, I ran a 5K with some work friends at the Lakeview Cemetery Run through History.

The following week, I had to travel for work to St. Louis and then Raleigh.  I was still able to keep my training going in both cities.  While in St. Louis, I stayed at a hotel not far from the Arch and the Mississippi River.   The running path along that stretch of the downtown area was fantastic.  I even worked in a hill workout by running up the hill towards the arch.

the arch

I found the hill training to be challenging but also exhilarating.  The momentum that you build pushing your body up each hill after hill was almost addictive. Granted, since I am coming off the marathon, my body is in probably better shape than for most of my life.  Interestingly, it was the running downhill that I found more difficult.  Trying to maintain balance while being propelled downward was tough on my feet.

Later in the week, I was able to complete a fun run through the Oakwood Historic District in Raleigh.  When I travel for work, I really try to stay at Air BnB’s — not only are they more affordable than hotels but they also give you the opportunity to really experience a new city.  With its brick streets, historic and beautiful homes, and hills, the neighborhood provided a great route for a scenic 4-mile run.

After arriving back in Cleveland late on Friday night, my wife and I had a great time at the Summa Sapphire Ball charity dinner on Saturday night.

date night

On Sunday morning, I set out to do a 9 or 10-mile trail run on the path that I would be running on for the Running with Scissors race the following weekend.  I let myself get a later start so I could enjoy a Sunday morning at home.

What were you thinking?

As I was getting ready at the park, I made two silly mistakes.  During my first trail training run the week prior, I had intentionally left my headsets at home.  I wanted to not only have a more meditative experience in the woods but also knew that I needed to focus on the path and keep my mind focused.  Well, I did not do that this time.  Instead, I cranked some music and headed out.  This caused two problems, I was not paying enough attention to the trail or where my feet were landing.  I was also going at a full pace — not the slow, methodical pace of my first run.

Well at the 1.2-mile mark, I went around a bend past a big tree.  My left foot came down on the side of a root and my ankle buckled.  I could feel the pain and immediately fell to the ground.  My ankle and foot were throbbing while I hobbled to a nearby bench — which was luckily just a few feet away (an amazing bit of luck).

my swollen ankle

I had to trudge the 1.2-miles back to my car over some pretty serious rocky and root-filled trail.  I made it back and drove back home.  That was one week ago.  My recovery has progressed pretty well – REST-ICE-COMPRESSION-ELEVATION.  Can’t say it enough.

The Running with Scissors race would have to wait this year.  I was able to transfer my registration to a different race.  For now, it is about a slow recovery, smart restart and looking to be ready for the Bigfoot 10-miler in December.

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