Long run in the rearview mirror

You can go the distance
We’ll find out in the long run (in the long run)
We can handle some resistance
If our love is a strong one (is a strong one)
People talkin’ about us
They got nothin’ else to do
When it all comes down we will
Still come through
In the long run
Ooh, I want to tell you, it’s a long run
Writer(s): Don Henley, Glenn Lewis Frey

Long run 20 miles

Well, my 20-mile long run is now in my rearview mirror.   It was not east by any stretch of the imagination. I was very thorough in my prep all day Saturday.  I watched what I ate and how much rest that I had all day. Unfortunately, I woke up late and was slow moving to get out the house.  This resulted in a swing of about 10 -15 degrees.  The temperature hitting 82 degrees during the last two hours of the run.

HOT!!!! (Not in a good way)

At 15 miles

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I am a Galloway method marathoner.  My approach is 2-minute running followed by 1 minute of walking (2:1).  This produces about a 12:00 minute per mile pace.  I discovered Galloway during my first marathon.  Can honestly say, it is probably one of the main reasons that my body puts up with all of this mileage.

On Sunday, besides a PR for the number of bathroom breaks (I thought the Immodium was supposed to help!), I had to switch to a 1:1 approach during the last five miles.  My average pace slipped from 11:49 to 12:06 by the time I was done.

I am not complaining since I am happy with being able to cross it off my training schedule.  I do know that this might have been slightly different had I been able to get out of bed on time.

My trainer prepping me for my long run

Lastly, my trainer (pictured below),  was not providing me any inspiration on Sunday morning either.  Can’t remember how much I am paying him anyway.  Not certain if I should renegotiate his contract.  He is quite a good coach on my rest days though.



I am now 20 days away from running my second marathon.  The Towpath Trail Marathon will be such a different experience from Chicago in 2015 but I am looking forward to the change.

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