Back to Back

The weekend was a whirlwind.  On Saturday, we dropped our son off for his second year at Kent State.  The summer went by so fast but I am always glad to know he is so close to home.

My running schedule was a bit screwed up this week.  Had to do 8 miles on Saturday followed by 12 miles on Sunday.  It was tough back-to-back runs.  My legs and feet were so sluggish on Sunday so I decided to change my usual 2-minute run followed by 1-minute walk to 1 and 1.  This added about a minute and a half to my average pace but I was so satisfied when I finished.

My Hal Higdon Novice Plan

New shoes were also slowly broken-in the weekend. Found a pair of Brooks Glycerin 14 on Amazon a few weeks back.  It is like Christmas morning for a runner.  Had to resist the temptation to over do it in the new pair.  Can’t wait until they are broken in.





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